Drive-In Pallet Racking System

Highest Density Storage for Fast Moving SKUs
Drive-in Pallet Racking is the lowest cost and most popular form of high density pallet racking. It can be serviced by a variety of forklifts including counterbalance and reach trucks.

Providing excellent storage capacity, A S Drive-in Pallet Racking (sometimes called Drive-through racking) uses the storage principle that the first pallet in is the last pallet out (FILO).

Key Specifications/Special Features:

- A S Drive-in Pallet Racking has advanced design characteristics that ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost per footprint.
– Heavy-duty bracing connects symmetrically to the racking upright, increasing strength and load-carrying capacity, while reducing the amount of bracing required.
– A S Drive-in Pallet Racking systems include innovative, one piece, formed cantilever brackets that wrap securely around the upright.